Meripelastusseura - Kuopion Järvipelastajat

The Kuopio Lifeboat Association

In The Kuopio Lifeboat Association we have about 400 members and about 240 of them are Trossi-members. About 30, are so called active members and they handles our search and rescue missions and other duties in the association.

We have two bases and both of them are maintained by volunteers. Bases are important for the association oprations. Equipment needs storage and maintenance facilities. We also need good facilities for training. Other base is located in Iivarinsalo (lat 62°49,1' N lon 27°50,0'E) and other is in Maljalahti (Makasiininkatu 2). You can find us from Maljalahti on Mondays 18:00 or by sending email

We have northern part of Saimaa water as our working area and we have 50 to 60 search and rescue mission per season.

The Finnish Lifeboat Institution

The Finnish Lifeboat Institution is the umbrella organization for voluntary maritime rescue associations in Finland.

We provide search and rescue services to people in distress at sea and on inland waters.

  • 2 000 sea rescue volunteers
  • 150 rescue vessels
  • over 18 000 members
  • we conduct more than 1000 search and reascue missions annually
  • we assist over 2000 people in waters under our watch every year